Editor Experience

This site is a demo for Matrushka Blueprint

It has a great editor experience, comes with a powerful blog and a resource center. It's mobile-friendly, accessible, multilingual, and fast by default.

We use Blueprint at Matrushka to help busy communicators in Human Rights and Sustainability nonprofits to save time and effort in getting their message out and having a positive impact.

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The Blueprint editor experience makes it easy to use the visual editor to create the layout of the page and populate it with content. You can embed content from your Blueprint site or from external sources, like this video, in a couple of clicks.

The resulting pages will be accessible, mobile and search engine friendly, by default.






Our platform makes it quick and easy to create ambitious sites so you can focus on your nonprofit's goals and making a difference.

In this page, we'll explain the tools you would have as a communicator and the kinds of things you can achieve quickly, without involving developers.




Matrushka Blueprint

Flexible Layouts

They let you create content (pages, blog posts, resources and resource collections) in any shape you want. You can have sections with one, two, three or four columns and each of them has a header and footer.

Once you create layouts, populating them with Paragraphs that you can move by dragging is very easy.



Add Some Style

You can adjust the width, background image and color theme making your contents dynamic. 


Paragraphs Library

We call each of this fragments a Paragraphthat's what they are called in Drupal. Paragraphs populate Layouts.

Basic Paragraphs let you add content fragments to build your message.

Embed Paragraphs let you bring content from other sections of your Blueprint site — or from elsewhere in the web — into your content. Create content once; use it everywhere.

Basic Paragraphs

  • Rich text
  • Image
  • Video
  • Slider
  • Logo carrousel

Embed Paragraphs

  • Embed blog post
  • Embed resource
  • Embed collection
  • Card with link
  • Embed URL






Media Module

Images, videos and audio can be uploaded, updated, used, recycled and reused through the Media Module in Blueprint. Once you have an asset there, you can insert it in any piece of content you create the same day or in the future. 



What you see is what you get

Pretty straightforward: what you see on the editor while creating content is what you get on the site. If you see a blue button, your final audience will see it as well.  

Having a set of default styles on the editor (featured paragraph, headings, buttons to choose from...) will also prevent any deviations from the organizations' style guide. 

Wouldn’t it be great if your new website was ready to use in three weeks and was just what you needed?

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