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80% of the organizations’ sites have the same basic structure: pages with various layouts, a news feed or blog, and a resource center or digital library.

We take a different approach: we deploy a site that meets most of your needs on day one, and then refine it to match your brand and add special functions your organization needs.


Matrushka Blueprint

This site is a demo for Matrushka Blueprint

It has a great editor experience, comes with a powerful blog and a resource center. It's mobile-friendly, accessible, multilingual, and fast by default.

We use Blueprint at Matrushka to help busy communicators in Human Rights and Sustainability nonprofits to save time and effort in getting their message out and having a positive impact.

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Editor experience

Blueprint makes it easy to create any layout you can imagine, and populate it with content. You can easily embed content from your Blueprint site or from external sources.

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Resource center

Keep all your digital resources in one place, easy for your visitors to find. Organize resources (documents, reports, guides, videos or any other file) with tagging and resource collections.

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The Blog comes with the same flexibility and editor experience of pages, tagging, and full-text search. We can easily split your posts into multiple listings to keep track of special events or news collections.

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Room to Grow

There’s a good chance that you’ll need your site to send constituent data to your CRM, integrate with donation platforms or host a custom database. All of this, and more, is possible in a Blueprint project.

Blueprint is built on Drupal, a powerful content management system used by ambitious organizations such as IUCN, The Rainforest Alliance, the ACLU and IPPF. Drupal makes it easy to integrate with third-party systems securely and build custom tools.

Powerful from Day One

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